This is a mini application for learning Spanish vocabulary items. It is pretty much as exact copy of a game from this site. The difference being that this version has Spanish text and audio. Also, the background image is different.

The aim of this site is to help people learn/review vocabulary items in Spanish. The items are quite basic, but I hope they are useful everyday items that you may use to communicate in Spanish. This site is not really something that can be used to learn Spanish independently; rather, this is only a resource that can support learning and perhaps be good for reviewing vocab that you are already somewhat familiar with.

The app was designed in a way that allows for maximum expose in a minimum amount of time - it presents the vocab items quickly and repeatedly. This was done partly to maximize expose, but mainly to make it more engaging. The idea is that the game gets faster and adapts to the users vocab range; in doing so, it takes up all of the users ability and so holds all their attention.

The site uses WordPress as the backend, but the application itself is made using Javascript - mainly using the CreateJs framework. A previous version of this site used Flash, but for obvious reasons this wasn't working out. Due to the capabilities of CreateJs, it should display well on all devices including smart phones.

If you have any comments, feedback or questions, then please fill in the contact form to send an email.